Fair Fashion is a topic which gets more and more popular. It is very important that this topic gets a lot of attention and is present in everyones head. Because todays stressed out society is all about fast fashion, fast food, fast living.. and much more. But through all the stress we totally forget to live a mindful and slow...

I believe almost everyone has tried or heard of yoga at least once in their lifetime. Yoga is very popular and has also found it's way into my daily routine. In the beginning i was a bit sceptical because i thought that only spiritual people could do yoga. But i was totally wrong. Yoga helps me in so many ways now....

Are you looking for a healthy Banana Bread Recipe? This one is just perfect and includes only fresh ingredients. I choose all the local options for my ingredients which makes this bread even better in taste. And you are making some good choices to protect our beautiful planet.



I'm a 23 year old tourism student based in Switzerland with a  big passion for traveling, sports, breakfast food and baking.

I will share my journey to a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle as well as everything else that makes me happy.

I hope to inspire you


Your Natascha

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